Project Statement

I am continually amazed at the people who inhabit the Gallatin Valley. It is a place for cattle ranchers, oil and gas explorers, conservationists, fly-fisherman, hunters, rock-climbers, extreme skiers, mountaineers, outdoorsman of every type; all passion-seekers longing to connect with the idea of freedom that this expansive landscape and its’ people embody. 

More than anything else Montana is a place of ideas. This work strives to visually translate the idea of the physical landscape acting as a catalyst in our lives and our imagination.  Tana makes this a tangible reality in the way she navigates the natural contours of her world, the wheat fields, the ranch work and her struggle to support herself as a student, horse-trainer and rodeo barrel-racer. This landscape has shaped the intuitive life of a young woman and through her voice and image; Montana becomes the dreamscape of her soul, a place to Breathe.