Project Statement

It is a time when you become unaware of the extent to which you have abandoned yourself to pursue goals which are not your own.

This project is an attempt to explore that fragile and short-lived time where young girls are on the cusp of womanhood. It is an accelerated passage both frightening and exciting.

When I was a young girl approaching adulthood, this passage seemed to happen so fast and without self-awareness. My relationship with my girlfriends changed. I lost those intimate, yet oddly nonsexual relationships with my girlfriends. 

As I photographed Isabella, I   am reminded of the time in my life when suddenly I was an object of boy’s attention in ways I didn’t want to be… in ways I didn’t understand. There is a part of me that still feels like that pre-teen girl who has not quite caught up to these changes.

I first started photographing Isabella as way to explore this theme; a reclamation of that innocence and lack of self-awareness. I feel like if I can get back to that girl, still dimly present, that I will find my own genuine self. Isabella is helping me find my way back.